Become the magicians of your life.  Supercharge your teams through the NLP method (Neuro-Linguistic Program).

Just like for a magician, the secret of your success lies in how well you can decipher your audience.

The same as for sales, magical techniques represent only 30% of the success, the other 70% depends on a behavioral approach.


  • Magical and theatrical staging

  • Role playing

  • Collectively demystifying magic tricks

Your team will be trained on the behavioral approach, with case analysis, which will adjust the commercial focus, revitalizing the team spirit and sales drive.



1. Through active listening
2. Take an interest in others
3. Develop alternative sale pitches
4. Innovate
5. Surprise
6. Remain receptive
7. Question ourselves

  • In a large group: 20 to 200 people

  • As a workshop: 10 to 50 people

  • Small groups: 4/6 people


Le grand mix

/ by Siméon Wolfgang