Benoît Grandin

Children’s stage show (1 hour)

Welcome to “Foggiest Mysteries”, the most amazing and fanciful magic sweet shop in the world.

Whether you are 3 or 103, come and enjoy the great sweet adventure that will take place in this shop.

With oversized candy cane that’s too big for your pockets and flying lollipops as well as sweets with unusual flavors, let yourself be carried away by the magical extravaganza of childhood and follow your taste buds!

A magical treat for the whole family.

A show to be guzzled to your heart’s content.


Close Up for adults

More than just a magician, a performer of amazing feats and stunts for adults.

A true character role combining new-style magic, storytelling and comedy with a touch of folly.

Stilt-Walking Mentalist

An over-sized show full of surprises:

Benoit will welcome your guests by predicting the music to their favorite film or the related noise effects.

Le grand mix

/ by Siméon Wolfgang